My Journaling Journey: Part 4

April 11, 2017

This is the 4th part of My Journaling Journey. You can read my previous posts here:


My Journaling Journey: Part 1

My Journaling Journey: Part 2: Life Purpose

My Journaling Journey: Part 3: My Struggle

Here in this posts I will share some Photos of my Diary:

(December 3, 2015: I was trying to work on my Blog

(December 5, 2015: Days going by. Trying to get better. Working on my WordPress Child Theme.)

(December 13, 2015: I was busy in my Blogging and designing my theme for Blog)

(December 15, 2015: Actually it’s called Semi Planche Push Up instead of Opposite Push Up. And I was also doing Abdominal Curl)

(January 13, 2016: I had gone to get admission in the Local Campus, in 3 years Bachelor in Arts with major in English.)

(February 11, 2016: Murgiya is very far from where I live. It is 50 Km away. So, while constructing my house everyday I had to travel +100 Km equal to +5-6 hours in Bus and walk more than 5-6 Km in scorching sun, it was really hard and bad.)

(March 22, 2016: Days were really busy going and coming from Murgiya, looking after the construction  of my house. Everything was messed up during this time. I stopped exercising, meditating and also blogging.)

(April 21, 2016: Actually it’s 2073 instead of 2072 but sometimes things get jumbled up. This is my last Journaling. Since then I haven’t journal.)

This is the last page of my Journaling. I haven’t wrote in my diary since April 27, 2016. I am thinking about starting it someday again.

My Journaling Journey: Part 3: My Struggle

April 11, 2017

This is the 3rd Part of My Journaling Journey. You can read my previous posts here:

My Journaling Journey: Part 1

My Journaling Journey: Part 2: Life Purpose

Here in this post I will share about my depression and struggle with life.

(April 22, 2015: I was at Kathmandu at that time. My Mom had recently arrived from Israel, may be couple of days ago, I had gone to receive my Mom and right now we were living in Hotel. One of the problem I face with being around my Mom is: I feel uncomfortable around her, I don’t hate her but I don’t feel comfortable when she is around me. Part of the reason might be I have spent almost 80-90% of my life away from her, may be that’s why I don’t feel easy when I am around her. But when she is away in Abroad, we are very good, we talk for hours.)

(April 22, 2015: We, mom and me were at Kathmandu inorder to convince my Dad to create my Citizenship, but he is very selfish and greedy and he don’t love us. This was the time, I felt most weak, I felt most down. He thought we were coming for his money and property and he was afraid that if he created my citizenship he will be obliged to give his property to me. Moreover my Final Exam of Grade 12 was coming, I guess it was supposed to start from March 2nd. Atlast we returned home because he started making various excuses and we became sure that he will not help. After couple of days, after Earthquake of 2015, my father’s big brother helped me to create citizenship using Kinship Certificate. Next day my father called him, scolded him for issuing my citizenship. Moreover I haven’t met my father since that day, I don’t want to, he is already married to another women, have children, and also I don’t want his property, I don’t want anything from him.) 

(April 25, 2015: I think I don’t have to say anything about this photo. Moreover we had just arrived from Kathmandu in the morning of April 24 in Night Bus.)

(April 25, 2015: Earthquake Day. My exam of grade 12 also got postponed because of Earthquake. After Earthquake Mom and I went to Syangja with my Father’s Big Brother and he helped me to get my citizenship.)

(May 9, 2015: I don’t think I have to say anything about this.) 

(May 16, 2015: Yeah, I was getting depressed a lot during those days. My best friend was diary, he helped me a lot, he listened to me, stayed with me. I was getting angry at everyone, I was frustrated with life.) 

(May 28, 2015: Just a another day.)

(May 31, 2015: Whenever some thought used to come or whenever I used to feel alone, I just to journal. I used to express all my problems and daily life with my Diary, like it was my best friend, like it is my family members or close person.)

During this time, I got depressed a lot. But my journaling habit helped me a lot.


My Journaling Journey: Part 2 : Life Purpose

April 11, 2017

This is the 2nd Part of My Journaling Journey. For more clarity you can read my previous post: My Journaling Journey: Part 1.

Here in this post, I will describe how my Life Purpose has evolved to present condition:

“Life is like an onion if you peel one layer of onion other will come, if you peel it again another shows up and if you keep peeling, at the end only the core of onion remains.” So, here I am still peeling my onion.

(April 18, 2012: At that time, I thought this is my Life Purpose. I was a big fan of animals, still am, I love animals, their innocence. So, I thought everyone are working for the welfare of people but no one is working for animals, hence I made my mind to work for welfare of animals.)

(February 19, 2014: Actually the date is wrong, it should be something like this 2070/11/07 but who has the time to consult calendar everytime you want to journal. So, here I am trying to figure out my real life purpose. This is just one of the example, I have tried many things, I have asked many questions to myself.)

(February 19, 2014: This is Part 2nd of Deep Soul Searching. You are supposed to write everything that comes into your head without any restrictions until you feel deeply connected to the statement. And you are allowed to take as much time as you can, you are even allowed to leave it for a while and again join it if you feel bored.)

(February 19, 2014: This is Part 3rd of Deep Soul Searching.)

(February 19, 2014: This is Part 4th of Deep Soul Searching.)

(February 19, 2014: This is Part 5th of Deep Soul Searching. February 21, 2014: I saw the dream.)

(February 21, 2014: Part 2nd: I saw the dream.)

Right now my life Purpose is: “To live everyday to the fullest and to get better and better everyday in everyway. To help other to live better life.”

I guess Journaling helped me a lot to understand about myself and know about myself.

My Journaling Journey: Part 1

April 11, 2017

Well, I have been Journaling since I was 15/16 years old. Actually I used to be a shy and lonely kid, I guess I still am but I have changed a lot, improved a lot. Throughout those years Journaling has helped me a lot in my dark days, when I had no one to share my plan, my pain, my stories. It has been like my friend perhaps my best friend I guess. It has helped me to understand myself, look into myself.

Here in this Post, I want to share some Photos of my Diary:

(April 18, 2012: At that time, I thought I had figured out everything; Who I wanted to be, What I wanted to do with my life etc. Surprising fact is I actually got 85.5% in SLC .i.e Class 10.)

(January 30, 2013: This was during the time when I was studying in class 10. I was sick, so I got out of the hostel even though staying in Hostel was compulsory for all the students who were studying in class 10. Moreover the funny fact was: Previously, about 2-3 weeks before getting sick, I had wished for being ill so that I wouldn’t have to give the exam. Well, that wish came true but still I had to give the exam: all those Boring Pre-Send Up, Send Up and Pre-SLC.)

(February 5, 2013: Back then, it was totally different there used to be a lot of load-shedding, so called Power Deficit. So, I had to burn the candle to study. Well, I had already checked up my Health in the Hospital, where they gave me medicine for 1 months but there was nothing written in my report. So, out of my curiosity I researched over internet using my Nokia X3 and found the similarity with Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP): you can google it, yeah it was that bad, my whole legs and hands were swollen, it was really red. For me, it seemed like my small nerves got ruptured due to too much physical workout. Yeah, even at that age I could do +50 continuous normal Push Up, +10 One Leg Squat or Up Down, 20 Clap Push Up and also +15 Handstand Push Up using the support of wall. I thought I suffered from TTP due to much Physical Activity, but I became fine with just one months of medicines and I also discontinued exercise. I still don’t know what actually caused me that kind of disease.) 

(February 10, 2013: Actually I only got 85.5% in my class 10 but I was a dreamer, still am. Hence, my aim or goal was to get 92.25%, which didn’t came true but that hasn’t stopped me from dreaming and setting even bigger goals in my life.)

(January 13, 2014: At that time I was enrolled in class 11 in Science Faculty, but I was struggling academically. I was trying everything but I wasn’t progressing, things weren’t going good. I was still planning and setting goals but actually I got only 68.4% in class 11 and 65.2% in class 12. )

(January 13, 2014: This is the 2nd page of above page.)

(January 2014: This was my master plan, which never got into the reality. It’s seemed like Castle in the Air. Part of the reason was: I wasn’t consistent, I wasn’t regular, sometimes I wanted to be this, sometimes that. Moreover I guess I wasn’t emotionally involved with it, may be it wasn’t something I really wanted to do or become.)

(February 3, 2014: This is just the Part of Me. Actually I had already completed my book Teenage Guidance during the Holiday after class 10 but it was only in copy .i.e in paper form, only Addiction Part was typed, that year I bought a Laptop Dell 3421 which I still use and I typed all the remaining part using my Laptop and Re-Published my Book Teenage Guidance during the Holiday after class 11.)

My Autosuggestion

April 11, 2017

Since last 8-9 months I have been Auto-Suggesting a lot. In the beginning it was different, now it is different. I frequently add or remove the sentences inorder to meet my needs and priorities.

It’s kind of like prayer, I have included my favourite quotes, my principles about life, my routine, my goal and also my Life Purpose. Exactly I don’t know what it has done to me, but I believe it has made a lot of differences, it has given me right kind of mindsets, I have been able to programme myself using this.

Currently, my Auto-Suggestions looks like this

(Currently, my Life Purpose looks like that.)

(This is 2nd Page. These quotes helps me to get deep insight about life, helps me to understand about life. Moreover repeating them daily has helped me to deeply understand them, nowadays I am even applying them in my daily life consciously and even unconsciously. It has helped me a lot and perhaps also changed me.)

(This is the 3rd Page. I have also included my Daily Ideal Routine which I want to follow everyday, moreover I have been successful upto some extent. I believe this has really helped me.)  

(So, one House Fly also got the chance to get in the Photo, actually He/She is in the air, you can see his Shadow also. Moreover this is my Goal, I believe in “Fake it, Till you Make it.” Well it has worked upto some extent, I have gained some weight. I am not sure about my Financial goal, but I hope and believe that it will also get accomplished. Yeah, since last +6 Months, I have been faking myself and programming myself)


Well, in the beginning I used to repeat it 100 times a day. By the way in the beginning my autosuggestion wasn’t like this, it was different. I guess it is still evolving, I still edit it as per my needs.

Overtime, I reduced the repetition to 50 times a day, then 20 times a day, then 10 times a day. And finally nowadays I repeat it only 6 times a day, 3 times in the morning just after I wake up and 3 times in the evening after brushing my teeth which I do daily after eating Dinner.

So, this is my Auto-Suggestion Routine.

Running for LIFE: Day 7th

April 03, 2017

Actually, I was planning to share my progress at 21st Day but today I recorded a video and thought about sharing it today. So, this is my progress of last 7 seven days of running. Moreover, I have been running only 5 minutes a day or about 700 Metres a day, just to form habit.


Day 1st (2017/03/28)

Starting Time: 6:16 AM (Left Home)

Finishing Time: 6:21AM (Came Home)

(So, there was a mistake, in my last post I had said I ran for 1 KM in 5 minutes. But after considering number of Electric Poles, I found out I was running only about 700 (approx.) Metres. There are around 7 Electric Poles and it is said that distance between two poles is 50 Metres, that will be equal to 350 Metres and I return back using same route that will add another 350 Metres.)


Day 2nd (2017/03/29)

Waked Up: 4:50 AM


Started Exercising: 5:05 AM

Started Meditating: 5:43 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 6:07AM

Started Running: 6:29 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: 6:34 AM (Came Home)

Total Running Time: 5:04 Minutes (Approx. 700 Metres)

(Today my leg was paining at thigh, although I didn’t had difficulty breathing like yesterday, but leg was hurting. By the way little pain is good: This indicates tearing of tiny muscles, moreover it will recover, when it recovers, it will grow stronger and better to handle the stress previously exerted. )


Day 3rd (2017/03/30)

Waked Up: 3:30 AM (Yesterday I slept at around 9:30 PM)


Started Exercising: 3:45 AM

Started Meditating: 4: 18 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 4: 48 AM

Started Running: 5: 29 AM

Finished Running: 5: 34 Am

Total Running Time: 5: 35 Minute (Approx. 700 Metres)

Sleeping Time: 9:31 PM

(600 AM: Thigh still pains while running and so today I ran little slowly. 1716 PM: Couldn’t get the Day time Nap, had to go to Murgiya. I don’t think I can wake up earlier tomorrow.)

(I listen to Motivation Videos while exercising.)


Day 4th (2017/03/31)

Waked up: 7:13 AM


Started Exercising: 7:22 AM

Started Meditation: 7:52 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 8:13 AM

Started Running: 8:35 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: 8:39 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running Time: 4:51 Minute (Approx 700 Metres)

Daytime Nap: 12:34 PM – 1:43 PM (1 Hour 9 Minute)

Slept At: 9:52 PM

(0937 AM: So, today I woke up late. Moreover finished running 10-15 seconds earlier because I was nervous, I was afraid of what might people think of me. But no one really cared.)


Day 5th (2017/04/01)

Woke Up: 5:20 AM


Started Exercising: 5:32 AM

Started Meditating: 6:00 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 6:20 AM

Started Running: 6:44 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: 6:49 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running Time: 4:59 Minute (Approx. 700 metres)

Daytime Nap: 11:35 AM- 12:40 AM (1 Hour 5 Minutes)

Sleeping Time: 9:34 PM


Day 6th (2017/04/01)

Woke Up: 5 AM


Started Exercising: 5:14 AM

Started Meditating: 5: 45 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 6:05 AM

Started Running: 6:25 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: 6:30 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running Time: 5:05 Minute (Approx. 700 Metres)

Day Time Nap: 11:25 AM – 12:40 AM (1 Hour 15 Minutes)

Sleeping Time: 9:31 PM

(726 AM, today I felt easier to run.)


Day 7th (2017/04/03)

Woke Up: 6:13 AM


Started Exercising: 6:25 AM

Started Meditating: 6:56 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 7:23 AM

Running Time: ~7:40 AM – ~7:45 (Not Sure)

(858 AM, so today I recorded the video, I forget to record the time of running. I was really confused, stressed, afraid, my hands were shaking. I was really afraid and nervous of being laughed at or being judged by people.)


Life is an Evolution

April 03, 2017

In life, we are always learning new things, everyday we are either getting better or worse. Everyday we are evolving.

We are never the same, that’s why when we watch the same movie twice we will see different things, we will understand in a different way. A book will never be same when we read it the second time, we will discover new stories, new ideas, new concepts.

Six months ago I was not the same as I am today, during that last six months I learnt many things. Day by day I learnt new things, I started doing things in a different way.

The idea is to just start from something small and keep on doing it everyday-everyday regularly. Don’t worry about future, just do whatever you can do right now, do whatever you can do today.

When you are trying to travel from point A to point B, then you don’t need to see all the road from point A to point B, you just need to see few hundred metres ahead of you and when you move few hundred metres ahead then again you just need to see few hundred metres ahead of you. You just need to move inch by inch.

Here is the example:

(In the beginning, i just used to write number of days I have been alive. I was just starting.)

(Then, I started listing, “Five Daily goals I need to achieve to earn $1000 Per Months.” Planning my Day helped me to stay well focused and reminded me about what should I do and what I shouldn’t inorder to achieve my goal.)

(At one time, I got the idea of adding “Weekly Review.” But it didn’t lasted long and I stopped writing it.)

(Then after reading a Book, actually I forgot the name of book but it was about being happy, so after reading that Book I started including: “Things I am grateful for:” and “Things I can be in future:”. Since that day, I have been writing these two things everyday after Autosuggesting at night. Over time, it has also changed in forms and ideas. This has helped me to remain optimistic and grateful.)

(I started including, “What should I do, if today is the last day of my life?” You can learn more about it in detail here: If Today is the Last Day of My Life: Since that day, I have been writing it daily after after planning of my day. It helps me to get reminded of important things in my life and how should I utilize my time.)

(Nowadays it looks like this, I know there is still a long way to go. And I am ready to Evolve and Get Better.)

Note: Earning $1000 per month is just my Goal, I believe in “Fake it till you Make it.” In reality, I still haven’t earned a penny.  Moreover, I don’t think I need money or anyone’s permission to do what I love to do. This is what I love to do, to get better and help other. So, even if I don’t make any money, I will keep on doing this as long as I can.

Similarly, 6-7 months ago, when I started exercising I was just focusing on doing “Diamond Push Up.” Slowly by slowly I started including various forms of exercise in my routine as per the needs and desire.

Now, I have really experienced and realized that “Evolution is Better than Revolution.” I have finally understood, “A journey of 1000 miles begins with the single steps.”

Running for Life

March 28, 2017

(Brief History of Title: In past we used to Run to avoid killer Animals but today we Run to avoid killer Diseases. In both cases “We are Running for LIFE.”)

From today, I have started to run (or jog):

Starting Time: 6:16 AM (Left Home)

Finishing Time: 6:21AM (Came Home and Bathed)

So, today I ran about 5 Minute 10 seconds (approx 700 M or less), I was hoping for 10 minutes but I got exhausted within 5 minutes. Moreover I didn’t want to push further because after lot of failures and setbacks, I have learnt “Slow change is Better than no Change.” “Evolution is Better than Revolution.”

(I have been reading this routine 6 times a day for last 6 months. It’s called Autosuggesting.)

Actually I wanted to run since last 6-7 months ago, but I wanted to be have slow and stable long lasting change. So, I was waiting for right time.

Moreover, since last 6-7 months I have gained some weight, being a hardgainer it’s a great thing but being out of shape isn’t. So, while I was exercising at around 5 AM, I felt a strong urgency to RUN. I actually wanted to run in the darkness of morning because I thought it will be embarrassing when people start to laugh at you. But according to my past experience running in the dark never suited me: At 15 I used to run at around 3:30 AM for 1 hour continuously till exhaustion, but after few weeks I dreamt while standing and actually fell down, cutting my lips, but it wasn’t that serious. Hence, I stopped there. Last year a bicycle hit me, it was really painful, thankfully it wasn’t that bad. Today, there is a rumor that a mad (rabies) dog is roaming around and had bitten many people, so it wasn’t a good idea to take risk. Hence I ran after cleaning my room at around 6 Am.

(Actually I bought this shoe, for my Grandfather, but he didn’t wore because he said it was too much fancy, now I realized why is that. Now I am starting to hate it’s Red Color, but it doesn’t matter, the main thing that matter is; it does it’s job nicely i.e. to protect my feet and it’s comfy too.)

Before starting to run I was really afraid, I was anxious, nervous about what might people think of me, I was actually kind of trembling little bit. But once I started, all those fear and anxiety got away, no one really cared, few people smiled at me, some laughed but most of them were busy with their own life, they didn’t had time to think about me or even notice me. Moreover I thought, when I get sick or ill they are not the one who have to pay, I am the one who have to pay. And I am the one who benefits from my good health.

You see, “We are not who we think we are, we are not what other think we are but we are actually what we think other think we are.” So, we are so so anxious about what other thinks about us, but in reality everyone are so busy with their own life that they don’t have time to think about you, just like you don’t have time to think about other.

There was this story, before 1954 people thought running a mile in four-minute was impossible, many people tried but failed. In 1954 Roger Banister came along, he ran a mile in 3:59.4 Minute, since that day 1000s of people have ran four-minute mile and the record has actually been reduced by 17 seconds.

So, everyday I will be posting my progress in facebook, so that I can inspire more people to run, to actually show that it’s doable.

So, if I die today, I want to die for something great. I will post my progress till 180 days from today.

Here are some tips for running:
  1. Don’t create time table. It rarely works but create a routine. Be consistent and do it, whenever you can.
  2. For me running will be easy because I already have a morning routine, I just need to use one of the habits as trigger, which is cleaning the room, so after I clean my room, I run. So, find out what is the thing that you do daily and after doing that run. For e.g. if you brush teeth in the morning, use it as a trigger, run after brushing teeth. Find out the habit which you have already mastered, and use it as a reminder to run. This works.
  3. Don’t worry about right time or right method or right gear. The main thing is to form habit. So, run whenever you like; you can run after work, before work, before lunch, at evening, at morning. Just remember, “Everything is Habit, once you form the habit, things will be Easier and Automatic.”
  4. Start small. You don’t need to run like me (about) 700 metres in a 1st day. Well you can, you can even go more than that. But if you feel too much resistant, just try to wear the running shoes and just get out of house and come back. First rule of habit is: Be Slow and Consistent. Don’t miss even a day (try not to).

Run because you Can, not because you have to but because you have two legs, you don’t need anything to move from one place to another, nature has provided you the two strong legs. So, enjoy the Freedom and Joy of Running. And if you make it stronger and healthy, your legs and body will take you wherever you want to, make you whatever you want to.

Benefits of running:
  1. Exercising (or running) is a keystone habit, it’s a kind of habit whose positive impacts starts to be seen in various areas of life like study, relation, finance, productivity, efficiency and many more. And even helps to get rid of addiction, I have read about many people who have used running to deal with cravings and addictions.
  2. Helps to get rid of stress, depression, anxiety by releasing chemicals and hormones. Moreover it makes you feel good about yourself.
  3. Helps to improve immunity, prevent heart diseases, diabetes and even cancers.
  4. Tones the body and might even give you the body you always desired. But main point to be noted is exercising doesn’t always reduce weight but it will certainly makes you healthy and strong. So, don’t expect to lose weight suddenly, do it for health and fitness not for weight loss.
  5. Saves money. You see health is wealth. 1000s of people spends millions of dollar every year just to treat the disease, which could have been easily prevented if they had started exercising little earlier. I have seen people who have gone bankrupt because of medical expenditure.

I love this quote, “One year (or 180 days) from now you will wish you had started today.” So, don’t wait.

From today I will be uploading my daily progress in my Facebook Account.

(Edit: 2017/04/03, since none of my friends showed any real genuine interest I didn’t post my progress my in Facebook Daily.)

Journaling in My Personal Blog

March 28, 2017

“Death: What will it be like to go to sleep and never wake up?”

-Alan Watts

For a few days, I have been so much fascinated with idea of death, the idea of dying.

You know, we build dreams, we think about future, we plan about it, we fantasize about the next amazing thing that is going to happen. But if you are to die today then nothing will matter much, all those dreams and imaginations cease to exist, the entire universe that existed inside your brain cease to exist.

One of the good thing about considering “I may die Today” is: Suddenly, every stress, every anxiety and every fear about future cease to exist. I start to think only about the important things, only about important people and stuffs that is really going to matter, the basic things which I have been ignoring since long, which have been buried inside all those unnecessary thoughts and fears. It really helps me to realize, “What is important and what is not?” It’s amazing.

Today, I was reading the book by David Horowitz, “A Point in Time”. There was this story about a youth who was given death sentence, who was about to die, about to lose all things.

“Those five minutes seemed to him an infinite time, a vast wealth; he felt that he had so many lives left that there was no need yet to think of the last moment, so much so that he divided his time up. He set aside time to take leave of his comrades, two minutes for that; then he kept another two minutes to think for the last time; and then a minute to look about him for the last time…. He was dying at twenty-seven, strong and healthy…. Nothing was so dreadful at that time as the continual thought, “What if I were not to die! What if I could go back to life—what eternity! And it would all be mine! I would turn every minute into an age; I would lose nothing. I would count every minute as it passed. I would not waste one!”

I have been journaling in my dairy (as shown in Photo) since last 5-6 years but have stopped recently. So, I am considering to publish all my upcoming achievements, personal thoughts and ideas in my Personal Blog With the hope my words will be there inspiring future generations, many not born yet.

(You know, Napolean Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” was published about 50-60 years before I was born, but it did impacted me along with 1000s other like me and I think will keep on inspiring for 1000s more years.)

I don’t know, I may not Wake Up tomorrow. No one knows?

(Originally posted in my Facebook Account)


Where the Idea Comes From

March 15, 2017

Days ago, I was asked the question that, where your ideas come from. This made me think, but still I was unable to answer. I thought I was just inspired.

And few days ago, I was listening to Bob Proctor’s Seminar while cleaning the room, he said, “The way to fly was always there even before Wright Brothers discovered it.”

Suddenly idea started flowing to me, things started to make sense. It is right, Gravity was always there even before Newton discovered it, the moon was always revolving around the earth, the apple was always falling from tree even before Newton was born. All the laws of Science and Mathematics were always there even before someone discovered it. And the way to cure Cancer and Aids, the way to make room temperature superconductor is already around us waiting to be discovered someday. The way to become a billionaire and the way to become anything you want or the way to get anything you want is already here freely flying in the air (or ether you may say.)

So, the question is, “How to discover all those knowledge?”

That’s a intriguing question, you see our mind contains billions of cells working together and organizing things precisely, so that you can speak the exact words you want to, so that you can write the exact words and think the exact thoughts you want to, imagine the video you want to. But the majority of things aren’t in our control, we don’t control our heartbeats, we don’t control the metabolism, we don’t control the body temperatures, we even don’t control our breathing. Well that’s a great thing, if it wasn’t being automated then we would be living in the world where people would die because they forgot to breathe, they forgot to digest the food or forgot to deliver the food to certain cells. People would die because they forgot to carry the thermometers inorder to measure and maintain the body temperature. That would be the insane world, no one is talking to no-one because that will distract them from making their heart beat, no-one is sleeping because they are afraid that they will forget to breathe.

So, there’s a whole lot of things going in the background of our mind, this makes sense that our brain consumes about 1/5th energy of total energy despite weighing just 1/20th of our body weight. Our brain is the chaotic place, billions of cells firing the signals at each other upto the rate of 119m/s. Just imagine the case in which cells are calling and shouting at each other for more food at certain tissues of body, for more itching at certain part of body, for more blood or warmth, for more growth etc. It’s like the busy stock markets where brokers and traders are shouting and yelling at each others or the call centre where staffs are busy handling the demands and emergencies.

And there are cells which are just thinking about random things like who will win the Next Cricket Match, what kind of food will be cooked in the home, what they might have thought about me, what will happen next in that Serials. Most of our brain is just busy thinking about mundane things, it’s like our brain loves to think and if you don’t give it the good stuff to think about, then it will just try to get busy by thinking things that aren’t going to matter much.

So, our brain is capable of doing huge things than we can imagine about. When we want something bad enough, when we think about it all the time, when we can’t stop imagining about it then the idea starts to flow, thoughts starts to appear from nowhere to now-here. It’s like, our brain acts as a receiver for thoughts and ideas, if we align our brain to the right frequency if we think about something hard enough then it scans for that thing and it scans for the ideas, it scans for the way to make things happen.

For 1000s of years all the great thinkers have been saying that, “You will become what you think about the most. What kind of thoughts we hold in our mind is going to determine our destiny.” So, if you want something then think about it, play with it inside your head, make it a dominant thought. At some point the idea will appear.

And we can make that idea into thing, if we give all our effort and dedication.