Life is an Evolution

April 03, 2017

In life, we are always learning new things, everyday we are either getting better or worse. Everyday we are evolving.

We are never the same, that’s why when we watch the same movie twice we will see different things, we will understand in a different way. A book will never be same when we read it the second time, we will discover new stories, new ideas, new concepts.

Six months ago I was not the same as I am today, during that last six months I learnt many things. Day by day I learnt new things, I started doing things in a different way.

The idea is to just start from something small and keep on doing it everyday-everyday regularly. Don’t worry about future, just do whatever you can do right now, do whatever you can do today.

When you are trying to travel from point A to point B, then you don’t need to see all the road from point A to point B, you just need to see few hundred metres ahead of you and when you move few hundred metres ahead then again you just need to see few hundred metres ahead of you. You just need to move inch by inch.

Here is the example:

(In the beginning, i just used to write number of days I have been alive. I was just starting.)

(Then, I started listing, “Five Daily goals I need to achieve to earn $1000 Per Months.” Planning my Day helped me to stay well focused and reminded me about what should I do and what I shouldn’t inorder to achieve my goal.)

(At one time, I got the idea of adding “Weekly Review.” But it didn’t lasted long and I stopped writing it.)

(Then after reading a Book, actually I forgot the name of book but it was about being happy, so after reading that Book I started including: “Things I am grateful for:” and “Things I can be in future:”. Since that day, I have been writing these two things everyday after Autosuggesting at night. Over time, it has also changed in forms and ideas. This has helped me to remain optimistic and grateful.)

(I started including, “What should I do, if today is the last day of my life?” You can learn more about it in detail here: If Today is the Last Day of My Life: Since that day, I have been writing it daily after after planning of my day. It helps me to get reminded of important things in my life and how should I utilize my time.)

(Nowadays it looks like this, I know there is still a long way to go. And I am ready to Evolve and Get Better.)

Note: Earning $1000 per month is just my Goal, I believe in “Fake it till you Make it.” In reality, I still haven’t earned a penny.  Moreover, I don’t think I need money or anyone’s permission to do what I love to do. This is what I love to do, to get better and help other. So, even if I don’t make any money, I will keep on doing this as long as I can.

Similarly, 6-7 months ago, when I started exercising I was just focusing on doing “Diamond Push Up.” Slowly by slowly I started including various forms of exercise in my routine as per the needs and desire.

Now, I have really experienced and realized that “Evolution is Better than Revolution.” I have finally understood, “A journey of 1000 miles begins with the single steps.”

Journaling in My Personal Blog

March 28, 2017

“Death: What will it be like to go to sleep and never wake up?”

-Alan Watts

For a few days, I have been so much fascinated with idea of death, the idea of dying.

You know, we build dreams, we think about future, we plan about it, we fantasize about the next amazing thing that is going to happen. But if you are to die today then nothing will matter much, all those dreams and imaginations cease to exist, the entire universe that existed inside your brain cease to exist.

One of the good thing about considering “I may die Today” is: Suddenly, every stress, every anxiety and every fear about future cease to exist. I start to think only about the important things, only about important people and stuffs that is really going to matter, the basic things which I have been ignoring since long, which have been buried inside all those unnecessary thoughts and fears. It really helps me to realize, “What is important and what is not?” It’s amazing.

Today, I was reading the book by David Horowitz, “A Point in Time”. There was this story about a youth who was given death sentence, who was about to die, about to lose all things.

“Those five minutes seemed to him an infinite time, a vast wealth; he felt that he had so many lives left that there was no need yet to think of the last moment, so much so that he divided his time up. He set aside time to take leave of his comrades, two minutes for that; then he kept another two minutes to think for the last time; and then a minute to look about him for the last time…. He was dying at twenty-seven, strong and healthy…. Nothing was so dreadful at that time as the continual thought, “What if I were not to die! What if I could go back to life—what eternity! And it would all be mine! I would turn every minute into an age; I would lose nothing. I would count every minute as it passed. I would not waste one!”

I have been journaling in my dairy (as shown in Photo) since last 5-6 years but have stopped recently. So, I am considering to publish all my upcoming achievements, personal thoughts and ideas in my Personal Blog With the hope my words will be there inspiring future generations, many not born yet.

(You know, Napolean Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” was published about 50-60 years before I was born, but it did impacted me along with 1000s other like me and I think will keep on inspiring for 1000s more years.)

I don’t know, I may not Wake Up tomorrow. No one knows?

(Originally posted in my Facebook Account)